Please read carefully

Bookings can be made either by e-mail, telephone or by post.

You can use the attached booking form in word, which can either be posted or attached to an e-mail or send e mail with details.Bookings also accepted by phone.

 Payment can be made by cheque, Bacs, cash or card(1.5% card service charge) on arrival or using your card online via Sumup.Please ask for payment link.

Cheques to be received at least two weeks before start of walk. Please note we do not ask for a deposit.

Supplement of 20 per meet per group if you need meeting. Please note we are unable to offer late afternoon meets in Fort William .

We will refund a cancelled booking up until the day before you are due to walk but no refunds will be given once you have started the walk.

If you place valuable items in your baggage such as laptops; i phones; expensive jewellery; cameras etc you do so at your own risk.

Please have your bags ready for pick up by 9.00 am. We usually begin pick-ups in Fort William and finish in Inverness. If you are starting in Inverness it is likely that your bags will be the last to be moved but please note our itinerary is adjusted to take account of specific needs so Inverness may on occasions be first not last.

We would ask that if possible you carry a mobile phone and we have your number such that if problems arise we can keep in touch.

Please make sure that the bags are labelled with the name of the person who has made less than the booking so that they can be identified on first pick up. We will add our own label on pick up.

Please make sure that your bags weigh less than 18kg as because of health and safety we will not carry heavy bags.Bear in mind that bags have to be lifted out of transport and often moved across wet gravel car parks.